Video: Adding a question compare list dashlet

In this guide, you will learn to add a question compare list dashlet to a dashboard. Follow the steps below to customize your dashboard and gain valuable insights.

1. Go to

2. From the landing page, click Dashboard in the left navigation pane.

Click 'Dashboard'

3. Select your dashboard from the dropdown list.

Select your dashboard from
the dropdown list

4. Go to the bottom of the dashboard and click Add New Dashlet.

Click 'Add New Dashlet'

5. Select Question Compare List from the dropdown menu.

Select 'Question Compare List'

6. Click Next.

Click 'Next'

7. Give your new dashlet a descriptive name.

Name your new dashlet

8. Enter a question ID or search criteria.

Enter search criteria

9. Select your desired question from the results list.

Select your question from the list

10. Enter the search criteria for questions to compare to the first question.

Enter search criteria

11. Choose the number of questions to show in the compare list - five, ten, fifteen, or twenty.

Choose the number of questions to show

12. If needed, select a question type filter.

Select a question type filter

13. Choose a weighting scheme.

Choose a weighting scheme

14. Select a Launched After date if desired.

Choose a date if desired

15. Choose a Completed Before date if needed.

Select a date if desired

16. Click Add to Dashboard and view your new dashlet.

Click 'Add to Dashboard'

17. Click this symbol and drag your dashlet to its desired position.

Click here and drag the
dashlet to its new

18. To edit the dashlet, click the kebab menu.

Click the kebab menu

19. Select Settings.

Click 'Settings'

20. Make any needed changes.

Make any needed changes

21. Click Submit to save your changes.

Click 'Submit'