Introduction to reports

To read, edit, or create a report, click on Reports in the left navigation pane. 

You'll see the reports screen. 

To find a report, enter your terms in the search field. Only the names of reports are indexed, so you won't be able to search for a term found only in the responses to questions included in a report. Searches with single-word criteria will discover precisely what you put in. Searching for age will find reports with Age or Ages in the title and reports whose names include manage, engagement, or outage. If you use more than one search term or phrase, the system will search for them in the order you enter them. So, searching for wellbeing index would find two of the reports shown in the image above, but searching for index wellbeing would not find them.

You may also use the filters to narrow your search results. Filters include Report Type, Updated After, and Updated Before. You may also sort by Newest first, Oldest first, or Name.

Types of Reports

There are several types of reports included in InsightStore 2:

Crosstab reports are tables that summarize and analyze data by examining the relationships between two or more variables.

Multiscore reports are used to create scores across more than one question, to rebase responses from checkbox questions, or to create a row in a scorecard.

Multitimeview reports are used to view time trends across multiple questions or various demographics.

Crosstabs have replaced scorecard reports, but you can still view scorecards created in InsightStore 1.