Introduction to multitimeview reports

MultiTimeview reports are used to view time trends across multiple questions (e.g., checkbox questions or two completely different questions) or various demographics (e.g., two different age groups).

Please note that the Filter MultiTimeview field at the top of each multitimeview report is a temporary filter for changing the time constraints with which the report is displayed on this screen. To permanently change the report, you need to go to Settings > Definition.

You can hover over any point in a multitimeview graph and see more details isolated in a pop-out visualization.

Clicking on the hamburger menu at the upper right corner of the multitimeview report will give you access to more options, including:

  • View in full screen
  • Print chart
  • Download PNG image
  • Download PDF document
  • Download SVG vector image
  • Download CSV
  • Download XLS
  • View data table