CivicScience has attached IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) content tags to shared questions. Tags can be used to locate topics. For example, if a shared question is worded, "Did you watch the nightly news last night?" you will not find that question by searching for questions about TV. Using the taxonomy filters and choosing the Television tag (under Media> Entertainment) will surface that question.

NOTE: Boolean operators cannot be used in the tag filter field. Boolean AND searching with tags is slated for an upcoming enhancement. Selecting multiple tags will expand your search (the OR Boolean operator is assumed).

IAB content taxonomy is used without alteration for vertical tagging. Vertical tags cover broad industry topics: education, media, sports, medicine, etc. Seven large verticals contain over 700 individual tags arranged with parent/child relationships.

Media, Sports Entertainment

Lifestyle and Consumerism

Health and Science

Business and Finance

Transportation and Travel

Civic Topics

A question may appear under more than one tag. "Did you watch the Super Bowl this year?" has two concepts to address: sports and television. Also, two keywords have sometimes been applied for ideas that the IAB has not defined. An excellent example of this is online shopping. While there is no IAB-defined tag for that concept, combining the terms shopping and Internet will surface online shopping questions. Another example is streaming, which can be found by combining television and Internet. In general, when looking for any topic in the digital world, the code for the Internet is paired with it to indicate that specific concept.

CivicScience has introduced the concept of horizontal tags, which help define people-related topics: opinions, feelings, psychographics, demographics, behaviors, usage, ownership, and brand preference. You can search for just ownership questions (Consumer Profile > Behavior And Usage > Ownership) and locate the questions we ask about the goods and services consumers own. In phase two, choosing those combined with the vertical topics will find different sets of questions around, for instance, political opinion or behavior.

Politics + behavior will find questions around voting, campaign donations, etc.

Politics + opinion will find questions about how consumers feel about issues, candidates, etc.

If you are looking for the older CivicScience tags, they are listed at the bottom of the list of tags. When looking at a list of questions, the IAB taxonomy tags are displayed in orange, and the CivicScience tags are shown in blue.

You may add a CivicScience tag to a question.