Introduction to Sage

What is Sage?

Sage is CivicScience’s consumer insights AI assistant. It uses generative AI technology to allow users to leverage CivicScience’s database of 5+ billion consumer insights to find answers to their questions.

You can pose consumer insights questions in plain English in Sage’s web chat interface or install the Sage app in your company’s Slack or Microsoft Teams instance (expected in late January 2024).

The Sage login page is located at

You can ask Sage anything at any prompt. During the user’s conversation with Sage, common follow-up questions will be displayed as buttons, but users can type in their requests or change the subject. Suppose the question is outside the scope of the bot’s knowledge (CivicScience’s database of 500,000+ questions). In that case, Sage will say so and request that you ask a different question or display the closest related information.

To learn more about Sage, here are some additional resources:

If you have any trouble with Sage, please email us at