What to expect as a new Sage user

When we set you up as a new user for Sage, you will receive three email messages from SageSupport@civicscience.com. Please add that email to your contacts to keep our messages out of your spam folder.

The first email’s subject line is “Thanks for signing up.” It provides the Sage login URL and a link to the Sage section of the knowledge base. It also notes that another email will follow including a link to set up your password. Finally, it shows your name, email, and company name as entered we entered them. If any of that information is incorrect, please let us know right away.

The second email has a subject line of “Thanks for subscribing.” It provides the name of your subscription type.

The third email’s subject line is “Your Sage password.” It welcomes you to Sage and explains that you need to create a new password or reset your existing one if you are already a Sage user. It provides a link that you will need to use to set up or change your password.

If you are an InsightStore user, please note that the logins for Sage and the InsightStore are separate (though we ask that you use the same email address for both). You can set the passwords to be the same if you like. We plan to federate the logins in the future.

The login URL for Sage is https://sage.civicscience.com/. If you forget your password, go to that link, click “Sign In,” then click “Forgot password?”

The knowledge base for Sage is at https://support.civicscience.com/help/sage.

Manage your Sage account at https://civicscience.chargebeeportal.com/portal/v2/login.

If you have any questions, please contact us at SageSupport@civicscience.com.