Getting started in the InsightStore

So, you've just begun to explore the InsightStore! We know it can seem overwhelming. Let's talk about where you might want to start.

The landing page is our "front door," so to speak, so let's start there with a video that explores it. It gives you an easy way to access the various parts of the InsightStore. 

The most basic unit of knowledge in the InsightStore is the question, so let's search for one of those first. Here's a step-by-step explanation video. 

After you've found an interesting question, you can check out how respondents answered it by clicking on the question's text to go to that question's details page. There is a lot there, so we've prepared another video that delves deeply into the details page.

The next thing you might want to try is creating a dashboard to share the insights you found for that question. There are three ways to create a new dashboard, but we will start with the simplest one. We've got, you guessed it, a video to show you how!

Finally, reports give you another way to see data. Check this video on creating a new crosstab report. There are several other types of reports you can use, too.