InsightStore 2 landing page

When you log in to the InsightStore, you will be on the landing page. It provides an easy way to access various areas of the InsightStore.

Your name and organization/account name are displayed in the upper right corner of the landing page. There's a Logout link underneath your name, and your name is also displayed after Welcome to the left.

Pick Up Where You Left Off

Under Welcome, you can use the dropdown menu to return to projects you've recently worked on. Your list will be uniquely yours.

Explore Questions

Below the Pick up where you left off... section, you'll see Explore Questions, which has five buttons that can be used to access our question library.

  • Custom takes you to a list of the custom questions launched by your account
  • Favorites brings up the list of those questions you've marked as favorites
  • Trending displays a list of questions that are related to events currently in the news, all tagged as trending
  • New shows you a list of the latest value and profile questions added to the InsightStore that have more than 1000 responses
  • All goes to the complete list of value and profile questions

Shared Dashboards

Below the Explore Questions section, there is a Shared Dashboards area. You can use the icons here to navigate quickly to some of the most referenced syndicated and industry dashboards that CivicScience has constructed for use by all clients and media partners. This list is subject to changes and updates. Click on the icon next to the dashboard name to open that dashboard.

News and Insights

Here, you'll find links to the most recent reports from the CivicScience News and Insights page and a link to the page on which they are archived. 

Communications from John Dick

Finally, we have the archive of the most recent weekly newsletters from our CEO, John Dick, who shares the latest insights generated from our data every Saturday morning. Click on the title of the email to open a new tab with its text. If you wish to go to the full archive, use the open link icon to the right of What We're Seeing.

Underneath the email links, you will find John's podcast, The Dumbest Guy in the Room, on Spotify.