Poll unit carousel integration

After the user completes the initial questions in the polling session, they can respond to additional polling questions. This is accomplished by sending the visitor to a page containing the CivicScience carousel script. By default, the user is taken to a page on the CivicScience site to visit the carousel. However, in some instances, the media partner may wish to host the carousel script and display it on their own site.

An example of the script follows. 

<div id="civsci-id-123456789" data-civicscience-portal="000"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" async src="https://www.civicscience.com/jspoll/4/civicscience portal.js"></script>

The "000" value for the data-civicscience-portal attribute in the example will be replaced with your carousel target identifier, either a number or a unique user identifier (UUID).

Once downloaded from the InsightStore, simply place the snippet in the HTML code for your page wherever you'd like the carousel to appear.