Target theme settings

The target Settings > Theme tab contains fields designed for styling your poll unit. This page should only be used by those familiar with CSS.

The Selected Theme field has options of Published (the current theme of the poll unit) and Draft. Draft allows you to save settings while you work on a new theme and publish them once you're done. When the draft option is used, the buttons at the bottom of the page change to Submit Draft (that's the save option), Publish, used to replace the currently published theme settings, and Discard Draft.

Changes saved to the draft theme can be previewed by appending a civicscience-widget-draft=1 URL parameter on the publisher's article URL.

The rest of the settings permit the user to style the poll unit. The Title CSS Properties, Container CSS Properties, and CSS Overrides each require a valid list of newline-separated CSS declarations. The CSS Overrides field is particularly powerful, as entries here override all the other styling for the poll unit.