Target basic information

On the bottom portion of each target page, you will find the Settings tab. We're in its Basic Information section here. It has the Target Name field, the Question Role Template, the Type of target, and the target's intended Language. 

  • The target name is what you see in lists of targets and on reports. You can change it without affecting the target on its website.
  • The question role template shows the order in which different types of questions are asked on the target. This particular target is set to ask a news/pop culture question1 followed by a value question, then two profile questions. It will then provide the results of the news/pop culture and value questions to the respondent, after which future question groups will consist of a news/pop culture question followed by two value questions and one profile question. Please don't change this setting without consulting your account manager.
  • The Type field will almost always be set to CivicScience for Websites. That's the standard poll unit setting. A CivicScience User Site is a polling hub. Here's an example. You won't ever see the CivicScience Polling API setting on your targets.
  • The language setting is usually English but can be set to Spanish.

1Indicated by the E, as they were formerly called engagement questions.