What are the different versions of Sage?

Sage comes in three different versions. All versions have the same interface and basic functionality. However, they differ in terms of the available data for analysis and connections to external systems.

Premium users (on paid subscriptions or free trials for subscriptions) will gain access to the full CivicScience question library stretching back more than 10 years.

For most insights, Sage also provides a link to supporting data to improve the trustworthiness of its analyses. For users who are also existing CivicScience customers,  this link points to the corresponding page in the InsightStore, which is CivicScience's core analysis application. Users will need to log into the InsightStore to access these pages. Please note that Sage and InsightStore credentials are different.

For premium users who are not InsightStore customers, all footnote links point to a page that offers users the chance to schedule a demo of the InsightStore to better understand how this application can support their business needs. However, premium users can use the Export data Sage function to download a detailed Excel spreadsheet containing much of the data they would otherwise see in the InsightStore (but without the ability to pull in other related data and perform more slicing and dicing).

Once a free trial expires, the Sage account converts to a freemium account if the user doesn't wish to buy a paid subscription. Users will receive an email when this occurs.

A freemium account has the same basic analytical functionality as the premium accounts, except that the database is restricted to several thousand questions from 2021. This sandbox account allows users to experiment with Sage. 

If freemium users want to upgrade their subscription to premium, there is a link on the left side of the application to manage a subscription, or they can click on Manage Subscription.