Using poll units in WordPress

Many sites use WordPress as their content management system (CMS). It is very simple to integrate poll units on a WordPress site.

The first way to integrate the poll unit code is to add it using an HTML block. Copy and paste the integration code (script and div) into a custom HTML block and place it as desired. This will work using the Gutenberg editor for posts and pages as well as in the widget section in the WordPress admin.

The integration code can also be manually inserted using the Classic editor into a post or page using the text tab. However, when using this implementation method, the WordPress admin function may strip out any code if an attempt is made to edit the content. The editor may need to reinsert the code if/when the page/post is edited in the future.

Finally, the integration code may be added directly into the site’s theme by inserting it directly into the theme's PHP files. If this method is chosen, creating a child theme rather than updating the original theme files is best so that updates don't overwrite the code.

We are currently conducting a beta test of a WordPress plugin for poll units. We will add more information when the plugin is released.