Pinning a news/pop culture question to your poll

Using the poll unit admin tool, you can link to a specific news/pop culture question. 

  1. Find the question you want to ask via the InsightStore question list and navigate to its details page. An example URL is
  2. Extract the question ID from the URL, i.e., 573903.
  3. Go to the page on your site where the poll unit resides and scroll to its location.
  4. Click the gear icon in the lower right corner of the poll unit to reveal the editable menu:

  5. Click on the Ask a Question tab, then on Use an Existing Question.

  6. Enter the question ID from step 1 in the Find a Question text box, select Page-Level Engagement or General Engagement, and click Submit
  7. Refresh the page where the poll unit resides and see the pinned question.

Please Note: