Question styles

The CivicScience platform supports several question styles, and one of those styles has subtypes. Some question types can be managed via the InsightStore, but others lack InsightStore support and are controlled through our database.


Most questions are in the radio style, also called single-select. They have radio buttons, and only one answer may be selected.

Responses are shown like this:


Select questions are a subtype of the radio style. They display the question using the browser's built-in dropdown menu. Responses are shown as above.


This subtype question only supports single-character emojis in its option text field, and those emojis are shown without text in a large size, as shown in the example below. Responses are as shown above.

Good examples of emoji question usage are thumbs up/thumbs down or a combination of emoji faces such as smiley, indifferent, and frown.

Please get in touch with your account manager if you want to create an emoji question.


This style permits the user to type or filter to get a response. 


Checkbox questions are managed as groups of items, each of which is a standard radio question in our database. Respondents may choose as many options as they like.

Responses are shown like this:

Here's the question details page for a checkbox question. When viewing a checkbox question's details, click on an individual answer to get more information about that option.

Here's the page for one of the answer options. Each answer option is considered a radio question.

Please get in touch with your account manager to have checkbox questions created.


The matrix style asks multiple questions, with each allowing one answer.

Matrix question responses are displayed like this:

Matrix questions can also be used for ratings on a scale.

Scale responses are displayed like this:

The answer options for matrix questions are also considered radio questions. 

Please get in touch with your account manager to have matrix questions created.


This style provides a single text box with a validated entry. We have one text question asking for the respondent's zip code.