Creating a question

Media partners are able to create and launch questions specifically for their sites.

Before creating a new question, please refer to the question creation guidelines. After that, there are a couple of other things to consider.

  • Identify what type of question you are asking. You can create two types of questions. News/pop culture questions (including quiz questions) are meant to entice respondents to interact with the poll. Value questions are used for research purposes. Profile questions gather demographic information from respondents.
  • Make sure the question doesn’t already exist. Search the question list to see if it does. Existing questions may be redeployed by your account manager.

To create a new question, head to the list of questions and click the +Create button.

You'll see this screen.

We'll go over each of these options.

Question text and answer options

Provide the Question Text, then the Answer Options. It's best to have seven or fewer answer options, but the top limit is eight. The minimum number of answer options is three.

Consider the number of characters used. The character limit for questions is 133, and the limit for answers is 30.

Question settings

Randomize the answer options whenever possible. 

If you do not want respondents to see the results of this question, select Hide results for this question. Use this option sparingly.

If you select Mark this question as mobile friendly, extra validation will be done to ensure that:

  1. There are 4 or fewer answer choices
  2. The text of the question is less than 100 characters
  3. Each answer option has less than 25 characters

Question language

Choose the Language. The default is English. Please select the applicable language if the question and answers are written in Canadian English or Spanish

Question subtype

Select a Subtype. The default is None. The Image subtype has been deprecated. The other three subtypes are documented here.

Question weighting scheme

When you choose a Weighting Scheme for the question, that weighting scheme will be used to display the question results to the respondent so that the results do not appear skewed.

Question classification (type)

Question classifications are explained here. Engagement questions are now called news/pop culture questions.

Question re-asking time

Some questions, like the age question, should never be re-asked. Answers to other questions may change over time, so you may permit those questions to be re-asked.

Trending topic

The Trending Topic has been deprecated.

Finish the question creation

After selecting all the relevant options for your question, please use the blue Create button at the bottom right corner of the screen to create the question.

Launching the question

Questions must be launched (deployed) after they are created. Please contact your account manager to have a new value question launched.

You may create and launch news/pop culture questions solely in your account using the poll unit admin tool