Creating a Question

Before creating a new question, please refer to the question writing guidelines. After that, there are a couple of other things to consider.

  • Identify what type of question you are asking. You can create two types of questions. Engagement questions (including quiz questions) are meant to entice respondents to interact with the poll. Value questions are used for research purposes.
  • Make sure the question doesn’t already exist. Search the question list to see if it does. Existing questions may be redeployed by your account manager.

To create a new question, head to the list of questions and click New Question. You'll see this screen:

Provide the Question Text, then the Answer Options. It's best to have seven or fewer answer options, but the top limit is eight. The minimum number of answer options is three.

Randomize the answer options whenever possible. 

Choose the Language, then the Widget Weighting Scheme.

Questions must be launched (or deployed) after their creation. Please contact your account manager to have a new value question launched. 

You may create and launch new engagement questions solely in your account in the poll unit admin tool

This video explains launching a single select question.