Question Ownership

Questions fall into two ownership types: shared and custom.

Shared Questions

Shared questions are owned by CivicScience and launched in the engagement, value, or profile slots. They are available to all accounts in the InsightStore. They are sometimes called syndicated questions.

  • Some shared questions are only asked once for a specific purpose (such as those relating to current events), while others are asked seasonally (such as during tax time or the holidays). Most of them are always “on” or live, collecting a large sample on an ongoing basis. The data-shaping (i.e., weighting) is done post-collection.
  • Shared questions cover a wide and deep variety of topics, question formats, and purposes.

Custom Questions

Custom questions are typically launched at the request of a client for a specific research objective or tracking project. These questions, by default, are owned by that client and are only accessible to that client's account. Custom questions can be identified by who is listed under the Account heading in the Settings link for the question. Custom questions will usually be launched in the value slot, although media partners may also create custom engagement questions for their properties. With some exceptions, they are not always live. Responses are deducted from the client's available response budget.

This video reviews the three types of questions and the differences between shared and custom questions.